Husqvarna 530iP4 Battery polesaw in the group Forest and Garden Products / Husqvarna Chain saws / Battery Chainsaws at Gräsklipparbutiken (9678847-10)
Husqvarna 530iP4 Battery polesaw
Husqvarna 530iP4 Battery polesaw
Husqvarna 530iP4 Battery polesaw
Husqvarna 530iP4 Battery polesaw
Husqvarna 530iP4 Battery polesaw
Husqvarna 530iP4 Battery polesaw
Husqvarna 530iP4 Battery polesaw
Husqvarna 530iP4 Battery polesaw
Husqvarna 530iP4 Battery polesaw
Article nr: 9678847-10

Husqvarna 530iP4 Battery polesaw

€556 / €463

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  • NOTE! Keep in mind that the price refers only to the machine, select the appropriate battery and charger below.

    A lightweight professional battery pole saw with a 4m long reach, offering a performance that surpasses its petrol equivalents. Designed for maximum performance and durability. This long reach chainsaw is lighweight, has excellent ergonomics and is extremely quiet making it ideal to use in any location at any time of day.

    Li-ion power
    The Li-ion battery provides long lasting power and top class performance.

    Choose savE? for maximum runtime.

    Intuitive key pad
    The key pad is very easy to operate.

    Efficient brushless motor: pole products
    Our in-house developed, advanced brushless motor is 25 % more efficient than a standard brush motor. This means that the motor provides a high and consistent torque.

    Petrol performance
    The 36V Li-ion battery back provides an equally high power, reliable operation and long lifetime as petrol-driven machines ? without any direct emissions. Also, you get as much done on a single charge, as you would manage on one tank of petrol.

    Flip-up tank cap
    The flip-up tank cap is easy to open.

    Ergonomic handle
    Ergonomically shaped handle for greater comfort and easy access to the controls.

    High chain speed
    High chain speed for fast, smooth cutting

    Rear impact guard
    The rear-impact guard protects the integrated battery from wear and damage.

    Silent operation
    The noise level from our battery machines are up to 13 dB(A) lower than a petrol machine ? which is a huge difference. A reduction of 3 dB(A) is usually perceived as a halving of the noise level. This makes work a lot more pleasant for you ? and also allows you to work in the most public of settings.

    Low maintenance
    No refilling of fuel, less parts to serve and an electronically controlled drive system means less downtime and low operation costs.

    One battery fits all
    The 36V Li-ion battery pack is designed for demanding, long lasting professional use. It fits all our handheld machines, which allows you to quickly switch the same battery between a trimmer, blower, chainsaw and hedge trimmer and keep working.

    Gear up for nonstop operation
    Our battery accessories allow you to carry on and get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Machine totallength 2,4m
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